Our History 

As Max Rink, the founder of Didun Design, I want to take you deeper into the origin story of our brand today. It all started in 2017, not far from the picturesque Mainz, a city full of history and character.

The idea for Didun Design was born out of a long friendship and a shared passion for watches. My friend and I shared a love for classic watch designs, yet were disappointed by the state of the market. We wanted to create watches that were both affordable and of high quality, an alternative to expensive luxury brands and cheap imitations.

The first steps were marked by challenges. We had little capital and had to be creative. I vividly remember the nights spent with sketches and plans at my kitchen table, driven by a mix of excitement and uncertainty. Our first prototypes emerged from this phase of intense creativity and hard work.

Mainz, our hometown, played a significant role in our development. The city has a rich history and vibrant culture that inspired us. We established local partnerships and found support in the local community, which helped us realize our vision.

Every sale, every new customer was an emotional moment for us. I still remember the joy and elation when we sold our first watch. It was more than just a sale – it was the confirmation that others shared our vision.

2020 marked a turning point when my friend left the company and my father stepped in. This change led Didun Design into a new chapter. My father not only brought his experience but also a new dynamic to the company. We learned a lot from each other, and this collaboration significantly shaped Didun Design.

One of the toughest blows for us was the loss of my father last year. His death was not just a personal loss, but also a major turning point for the company. However, his spirit and vision continue to live on in each of our timepieces.

The community and our customers hold a special place in this story. Their stories, feedback, and loyalty have carried us through highs and lows. We hosted customer events and promotions that brought us closer together and helped us develop the company further.

Looking into the future, we at Didun Design are full of hope and plans. New designs, innovative technologies, and the ambition to create watches that do more than just tell time, but tell stories, drive us. We want to honor and continue my father's legacy.

Thank you for being part of this wonderful journey and accompanying us on this path.

Warmest regards, Max Rink Founder of Didun Design